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Welcome to our demo Beauty Salon Web Site

This is the area to describe your treatments, detailing all the benefits your clients will get from each treatment and why your treatments are the best in town. Give the client as much information as possible to make her want to use your salon rather than your competion.

Remember this client has bothered to visit your web site so she is looking for Beauty Treatments, don't waste the opportunity. You have a highly targeted visitor looking at your web page make sure there is enough here to answer her questions, don't just make the page a menu of your services, make it interesting.

Your website is completly customisable to suit your requirements. We will of course change the pictures (I'm sure you don't want the picture of my wife), put your own logo at the top of the page, and you describe in your own words what you want to say on each page, we can help you with this to ensure it works well with the search engines.


For more information contact us at
or free phone 0800 310 1148

Don't wait until it's too late......there is only one website for an Ilford beauty clinic!

If you are not in Ilford then I will create a website for your beauty business with your town's name in place of Ilford.

Call today - anytime to find out more and reserve your site.

Stop Press -

Look in, this site is already at the top of the search engine in number 1 spot for Beauty salon Ilford, Beauty Clinic Ilford, Beauty Clinic Essex and number 3 for Beauty Salon Essex. I expected it to do well but not that quickly and for so many search terms before the site is even finished. Google normally take 4 to 6 months and while it's impossible to guarantee a top position it should feature fairly highly.

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