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This site is reserved for the first Ilford based beauty business that contacts me, if you are not in Ilford then I can create a similar site for you with the web address in the following format:-


We are building a network of health and beauty web sites across the country and obviously there can only be one in each town. This means you will get exclusive coverage in your area.

We are doing this because we have our own beauty salon in Beaconsfield and by building a network of web sites across the country we will drive more business to our salon in the process.

Mayflowers reception area imageSounds expensive but all we charge is 99p per day, no hidden charges, no long term contract - you can cancel at any time and we will refund the current months payment.

That is literally all you pay - there are no up front fees and most importantly no charge for creating the web site.

There must be a catch, well if there is I haven't thought of it yet!

We have a lot of spare web space left over from our own site and I have created the templates for this web site so it won't take me long to customise it for your salon.

I believe that 99p per day is very reasonable and will cover our additional costs. Please note that this is not just a one page site like you may get with Yell, this is an eight page site which can be completly customised to suit your needs. The page titles you see here are only suggestions.

If you decide that you want this to be your site then I will simply replace all this text with anything you want to say about your salon, this page should really be your introduction, obviously you will want to change the picture for one showing your salon or alternativly we can display a general beauty picture.

Think of all the increased custom you would gain, not just by having your own web site but by being part of our larger network increased custom for everyone.

But even more than that you will benefit by having exclusive access within your area to our network Forum which is made up of beauty salons across the UK.

In the forum we will discuss anything to do with beauty. Find out what works well for other salons, what treatments are a real goldmine, and what doesn''t really sell.

You will be able to discuss anything with fellow professionals across the UK knowing that all your local competition can't get access as long as you are here.

For more information contact us by clicking here.

Don't wait until it's too late......there is only one web site for a beauty clinic in your town!

Stop Press - Top of a major search engine already!

Look in www.MSN.co.uk,

This site has made it to the top spot of MSN for several very important search terms:

  • Beauty salon Ilford,
  • Beauty Clinic Ilford,
  • Beauty Clinic Essex
  • Ilford Beauty
  • Ilford Clinic
  • and number 3 position for Beauty Salon Essex.

I expected it to be high in the rankings but not at No 1 so quickly and for all those relevant search terms before the site is even finished. Google normally take 4 to 6 months and while it's impossible to guarantee a top position it should feature fairly highly.


If you found this site by mistake while looking for a Beauty Salon in Ilford then try one of the following, I know nothing about them and they are not connected with this site in any way.

Please tell them you found them here they might decide they want this site:

  • Beauty Within, 8 Claybury Broadway, 020 8551 3799
  • Apollo Nails, 32 Cameron Road, 020 8590 3555
  • Beauty First, 261-275 High Road, 020 8514 7666
  • Beauty Trendz, 853 High Road, 020 8598 9890
  • Bliss, 718 Eastern Avenue, 020 8252 4723
  • Dreamz Hair and Beauty, 253 Aldborough Road South, 020 8597 1141
  • East Spa, 68-80 Clement Road, 020 8478 0900
  • Nikkis Beauty Salon, 1st Floor, 110 Ilford Lane, 020 8553 0868
  • Shabanas Beauty, 20 Meldrum Road, 020 8599 6140
  • Michelles Salon de Beaute, 102 Tanners Lane, 020 8551 9200
  • Pepermints Nails & Beauty Plus, Exchange Shopping Centre, 020 8478 5505
  • Jags, 314 Ilford Lane, 020 8514 4499
  • Feel Good Look Good, 472 Cranbrook Road, 020 8518 0033
  • Reinas Beauty Rooms, 169 Longwood Gardens, 020 8551 8282
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